How to Format a Hashtag on Reddit

Reddit does not use hashtags, but sometimes you may want to type one out. Hashtags show up normally in post titles, but in the comment section the # symbol before text creates a header.

Typing “#hashtag” in the comment text box would show up as



So if you want “#hashtag” to show up normally you need to use an escape sequence. This means you must type a backslash first like this:

If you’d like to display a header sized #hashtag you could type:

If you want to go further and actually have the hashtag link to a search of that term, try this:
replacing both instances of “hashtag” above with whatever keyword you’d like.

Remember, you do not need to do this for post titles, just in the text of a text-based post or the comment section.

If you want to test it out, try using one in a reply to one of your old comments where nobody will notice, then delete afterward.